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> Do you want to expand your artistic skills?

> Are you stuck in the "starving artist" phase?

> Does earning a killing on your art turn you on?

> Ready to get more confident in what you create?

> Does art inspire the f*ck out of you?

> Want to learn new techniques for creating + selling you art?

> Are you ready to blow up and do what you really love?

> Are you in the mood for some guru guidance?

> Do you LOVE Sebastian Coolidge?

If you answered yes to any of these...

Then you're going to freaking love this.

I've created a low-cost offer for fans and artists who are ready to come up in the art game and get master-level support.

The struggling artist is dead.

It's important you get to do what you love and get paid for it.

I will show you how I operate my business, create, price, collab, and get my work seen online + in-person. This is a close-up inside look at what I'm doing to hit my goals, gain exposure, and get recognized globally. 

This offer is subject to go up in the future, but I will honor all initial memberships at the original cost of $25/month for the first year.



This is a month-to month subscription hosted on my close friends list via stories on the gram.

Stay for as long as you like, get what you need, and cancel anytime.

** Important directions after enrolling -

Please take a screen shot of the paypal receipt and send a message to @sebastiancoolidge on the gram to get immediate access.

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Enroll here

More info? Contact 

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